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Eczema Diet  


To get a complete relief from eczema, during the treatment you should consume a strict healthy diet.  


Foods you should not eat: 

Meat : all game meats, goose, duck, eel, carp, pig, salmon, shrimp, crab, mackerel, marinated meat, viscera, charcuterie (Sausages, ham, etc.), canning meat, meat extract, all crustaceans, mollusks (snails, clams, sea slugs)and all fatty meats.  

Green vegetables: sorrel, asparagus, watercress, cabbage 

Milk : butter and fermented cheeses 

Fruits : oily fruit, peanuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, etc. 


In addition, these foods are not recommanded: sugar, chocolate, pastries, fatty broth, crayfish bisque, fish soup, spices, sausages, white bread, vinegar, alcohol, aperitifs, liqueurs, beer, Wine.  


Foods you should eat: 

Meat: fresh partridges, chickens, rabbits, certain fresh fish (hake, dab, whiting, sole) boiled, roasted or grilled lean meats  

Milk - allowed in small quantities: curdled milk, kefir, yogurt, fresh butter; non-fermented cheese is allowed in small quantities   

Eggs - allowed in moderate quantities, very fresh and well cooked 

Green vegetables: all vegetables except sorrel, asparagus, watercress, cabbage –  

Fruits: all fresh fruits are permitted except those indicated above.




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