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Signs and Symptoms of Herpes  


The initial herpes outbreak is characterized by intense painful episodes of sores or rash and tends to last longer than later outbreaks. A burning sensation followed by the outbreak of blisters, leaving sometimes, cutaneous ulceration. You may also experience vaginal discharge and painful urination. In contact with urine, those ulcers cause excruciating pain.  In addition, the liquid seeped by those ulcers is very contagious.  

Those ulcers are gateway for other sexually transmitted diseases; it is crucial to refrain from sex during herpes outbreaks. In addition, you many have swollen and tender lymph nodes in your groin. All those symptoms may be accompanied by fever, headache, stomachache and abdominal pain.  

When the oral herpes simplex infection affects your eye, it can cause blurred vision.  


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